Err, thanks for dropping by! Your browser successfully directed your click to Joel Sioson's official website. My domain sounds a bit odd but this is the piece of the web that I call home.
Here, you can find a lot some of the things I do in cyberspace and hopefully, you can find a useful tidbit or two.

Who is Joel Sioson?

A licensed teacher by profession and a self-confessed internet enthusiast, I have been involved in diverse endeavors ranging from coaching sports teams up to configuring Cisco routers - a typical jack of many trades. Recently, I have appointed myself as head creator at Sesamemucho Productions.


I Blog

"What is written remains."
In my spare time - which rarely happens nowadays - I try to earn a few cents by sharing my two cents online.

Read my blog here.


I Build Websites

With the dawn of Information Age, a website is a must for any individual -- person or institution. Now that social networking sites abound, it's relatively easy to create an online presence. But where's a sense of individuality in being part of the herd?

So if you ain't got the time and tools to create your own site and mess around with HTML, CSS or with Search Engine Optimization, Webhost Configuration, Domain Registration, etc. -- I'm your friendly neighborhood internet buddy. Contact me.

Contact Me

There are tons of ways to stay connected however, due to my unpredictable schedule as teacher, father, Jenzo and Jezie's playmate, I prefer to communicate electronically and utilize the wonders of the digital age. Please use the following social media channels below: